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Unlock culinary creativity with Gadget Deport Kenya's premier selection of  Blenders and Mixers. From powerful blenders perfect for smoothies and soups to versatile mixers for baking enthusiasts, our collection boasts top-tier performance and innovative features. Explore sleek designs, robust construction, and user-friendly functionality, ensuring seamless blending and mixing for all your culinary endeavors. Whether you're whipping up delicious drinks or mastering dough recipes, trust Gadget Deport Kenya to provide the perfect blending and mixing solutions for your kitchen.

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Bruhm BBP-1535PPG 1.4L blender

Price KES4,000.00
Availability: 10000 In Stock

Explore the efficient Bruhm BBP-1535PPG 1.4L Blender at Gadget Depot Kenya in Nairobi. With a 1.4L capacity and powerful blending capabilities, it's perfect for preparing smoothies, sauces, and more with ease.

Bruhm BBS-1560SSM 1.5L Blender

Price KES4,500.00
Availability: 10000 In Stock

The Bruhm BBS-1560SSM 1.5L Blender, available at Gadget Depot Kenya in Nairobi, blends style with functionality. Its 1.5-liter capacity, stainless steel blades, and multiple speed settings offer versatility. Safety features ensure stable operation. Ideal for various blending needs in small or large households.

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