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Toasters and Ovens

Elevate your breakfast and culinary creations with Gadget Deport Kenya's selection of Toasters and Ovens. From sleek toasters perfect for crispy slices to versatile ovens for baking and roasting, our collection combines innovation and performance. Experience precise toasting levels, convection cooking technology, and intuitive controls that simplify meal preparation. Enhance your kitchen with stylish designs and reliable functionality, ensuring every dish is cooked to perfection. Explore Gadget Deport Kenya's Toasters and Ovens today and elevate your cooking experience with ease and precision.

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Bruhm BGI-55M31ORSN, 3 Gas + 1 Hotplate Cooker...

Price KES270,000.00
Availability: 10000 In Stock

Discover the Bruhm BGI-55M31ORSN 3 Gas + 1 Hotplate Cooker at Gadget Depot Kenya in Nairobi. This versatile appliance offers three gas burners and one hotplate, catering to diverse cooking needs. Its sleek Front Shiny Inox design adds style to your kitchen while ensuring efficient cooking performance.

Bruhm BGI-66M40ONSN 4 Gas Standing Cooker

Price KES30,000.00
Availability: 10000 In Stock

Explore the Bruhm BGI-66M40ONSN 4 Gas Standing Cooker at Gadget Depot Kenya in Nairobi. With four gas burners, it offers ample cooking space. Its standing design ensures stability, while the sleek finish adds elegance to your kitchen.

VON Cooker 4 Gas + Gas oven - 5534 Silver

Price KES20,500.00
Availability: 10000 In Stock

The VON Cooker 5534 Silver features 4 gas burners and a gas oven for versatile cooking. With its sleek silver design, it offers efficient and reliable performance for culinary needs. Available at Gadget Depot Kenya, Nairobi.

Mika MST5060U31PSB 50×60 3+1 Cooker

Price KES26,000.00
Availability: 10000 In Stock

The Mika MST5060U31PSB 50×60 3+1 Cooker, available at Gadget Depot in Nairobi, features three gas burners and one electric hotplate, providing versatile cooking options. Its compact size and sleek design make it perfect for smaller kitchens.

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